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Feminists can be a bit… catty

Now, I understand that the term “catty” may be considered sexist by some, and in some cases, why not, I’ll accept that it is.  Just how everything is sexist in some cases.

So, I kind of don’t know how to start this post about Feminists.  The title, in fact, is one of many problems that I have with aspects of Feminism.  But if anyone was interested in this post because they saw the title, spare me some minutes to point out a couple of flaws in Feminist logic before I get to the main point.

1. The Media is Sexist - It’s a common thing these days, and we’re all used to it.  Some may try to deny it, but we all know they’re wrong when they say that Feminists don’t accuse the media of being sexist.  What is the media, though?  Well, the news is a bit of it, and sure, watch Fox News.  Not an attack on Fox News, but a blatant statement.  Fox is known for hiring very attractive female anchors and reporters.  And we all know how feminists feel about Fox News (see Janeane Goroflcopterlo).

Feminists don’t like the media.  Not just the news, but all media.  They don’t like video games just because the only females in the game are extremely attractive.  Oh, sorry that an entertainment system for young men is filled with attractive women.  I guess denying them a boner when they play Heavenly Sword is a step toward the right direction (lol, direction rhymes with erection).  So a feminist gamer blog (right?) says that video games are lacking in gender progression due to Lara Croft having humongous knockers, or Kratos being able to bang nude chicks for some extra experience points.  Apparently, the only way we can progress is via some flat-chested, glasses wearing broad who uses her mind to get out of risky situations, and she ends up falling in love with some dude who marries her but doesn’t ask that she takes his last name.  YAY!  How progressive, right?

Or how about the rampant sexism in Television and Magazine advertisement?  You know how they justify it?  ”Women look directly at the camera, but men look like they’re thinking about something else.”  Holy shit!  How long did it take these ladies to go over every article and come to the conclusion that “looking directly at the camera is the same thing as a ball-and-chain?”  Probably a total of 30 minutes, including the coffee break and anti-lipstick rally that came before hand.  But thanks, gals, I’ll set the next magazine that I don’t read on fire just because there’s some lady staring at me.

And most importantly, child’s play things, specifically, the Barbie.  I know, why should I care about a toy that only girls play with?  Well, I think that’s the main issue, ain’t it?  Feminazis view the Barbie in a certain algorithm:  Girls play with barbies, girls shouldn’t look up to the Barbie in its current condition.  How about boys who are a little curious to what these girls are flapping about whenever they say “lol, my Barbie has a new dreamhouse?”  But I guess that isn’t a big deal.  Nah, instead of attacking how gender roles indoctrinates children into playing with a class of toys, let’s complain about those delicious Double-Ds that girls think they should have.  I wonder if there are any stats on Breast enlargement surgeries going down after the Barbie decided to get her’s reduced.  Either way, who gives a fuck?  If a girl is really convinced that she should get breast implants just because her Barbie has large tits, I think there’s a bigger issue here… why the fuck are children worshiping dolls?  Should Pacifists demand that GI Joes replace their guns with flowers?  Or should the health nuts of the world point out how Mr. Potato Head is encouraging an unhealthy diet?  Hell, they probably do; when that’s the case, we all just ignore them as kooks.  Why?  Because they are.

2. Considering the amount of time I spent on that bullshit, I’ll just get to the main point.  Feminists are Catty.  

I’ve spent a good amount of time on Facebook from the comfort of my room, and I think that gives me enough grounds to know what kind of bullshit drama girls put themselves through.  You see one chick talking about how some random ass chick is a slut or a whore or a homewrecker or some other dumb shit, and 9 times out of 10 they will not even know what this chick was doing.  Girls can do some evil shit, and I know… I’m on Facebook a lot… I mean, a lot a lot.

There are different ways for a girl to be bitchy.  For the longest time, it had to do with calling another girl either a whore or a fat, ugly troll.  Was that good?  Of course not!  It was terrible, but that was the good ol’ days compared to how Feminists have decided to add their own slander of women they disapprove of.  It’s a noble act to tell young girls that they can do anything that boys can.  It’s a noble act to encourage girls to attend college, play sports, and run for President.  No one is arguing against that (except assholes that Feminists like to use as a Red Herring).  My problem has more to do with women like, idk, Pink.  You know, the pop/rock artist who sang ‘So What’ (it was on Guitar Hero, really easy to beat on expert).  ’So What’ is a decent song, but a song she sang that really reflects the cattiness of Feminists would be the famous ‘Stupid Girl.’

Basically, ‘Stupid Girl’ is about how a girl who plays with barbies instead of footballs is a “stupid girl.”  (Just watch the music video, people, it’s quite disgraceful).  It goes on to attack other types of women (so liking Barbies isn’t the only stupid thing that girls do), but that girl who “shakes her ass next to 50 Cent” instead of “want[ing] to become president.”  The whole music video/song is just an attack on the girls who don’t try to achieve the same goals as the more enlightened Feminists… like Pink.  And Pink is not a minority.  Her song was a hit and cherished by many women.  Why?  Because even the smart girls who decide to focus on politics and art can end up being total bitches.  

When a girl makes out with a tree at a music festival filled with people on very powerful drugs, it ends up making some people laugh and other people saying “see, she has no self-respect.”  Really, you asshole?  She has no self-respect because she’s T-rolling really fuckin’ hard and decides to have fun and make out with a tree?  It’s funny, hell yeah.  But I wouldn’t just judge the shit out of this girl just because I have a problem with “society, man.”  She was happy at that moment, and the feminazis (and a bunch of male assholes, as well) have decided to turn this girl into a symbol of female disgrace.  

When you’re told that having a brain will get you nowhere but slavery to corporations and the government, I wouldn’t be called a sexist for that.  Now, if I told a bunch of young girls that, I would probably get castrated.  And for good reason.  You shouldn’t discourage a girl from wanting to get an education and make something of herself intellectually.  But this idea that all people are created equal and should therefore try to achieve the same goals is a pipe-dream.  We are not all created equal, and Feminists who complain whenever a girl uses her physical features to get ahead instead of her mind are just being stuck-up bitches.  

See, this is where men are better (I say this in a totally not sexist way).  We all have our beefs with guys of different types.  Clearly the bookworm boy views the jock as a piece of shit douchebag, and the jock views the bookworm as a weak little twerp.  But our differences are in that we don’t fight for male empowerment and then criticize men who don’t live life in the same way that we do.  Instead, we just live our lives and then make fun of each other and then get a beer and have a good laugh.  We call each other names, sometimes get into fist-fights, but in the end we all say “ay yo, I love you, bro.”  Feminists, on the other hand, say that they are fighting for female empowerment but then turn their backs on those who realize that their physical features supercede their intellectual features.

Not to say that all Feminists are like this.  In fact, there have been feminists who find stripping, the porn industry, and modeling to be ways of female empowerment, and I pray that those Feminists will end up having the louder voices than the feminazis (like Pink) who think that if you play with a Barbie and hate sports you’re just a “stupid girl.”

Amirite or what?

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